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About Us

Soraya Medina

Owner & Founder of Heavenly Bites.  Soraya holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Management from Medgar Evers College and a Diploma in Pastry & Baking Arts from The Institute of Culinary Education in New York. She is a classically trained chef and her love for desserts is undeniable, she always wanted to incorporate a healthier version to desserts. Her number one goal is to educate the public that they can have healthy desserts without sacrificing any taste.

Why organic desserts? Well here’s her story:

In 2006, I had an allergic reaction from a vaccination, which brought on health challenges including a near death experience. With lots of research, I realized many toxic ingredients are in foods we put into our bodies daily. Obtaining a Pastry Degree allowed me to create healthy desserts without toxins. I vowed to live a healthier lifestyle and to become more informed about what I put into my body. I decided to go organic and buy from local farms and markets. 

With Heavenly Bites satisfy your cravings without feeling guilty - you can taste the freshness in every bite!

Daniel Medina

Chief Operations Officer of Heavenly Bites. Daniel studied business management and economics at Empire State University. He’s experienced in business formation and corporate structures, he also has a New York and Arizona Qualifying Certificate in Food Protection. Daniel is my right hand and most important my Sous-Chef.

Together we are Heavenly Bites and we hope to make your life a little sweeter.

Meet the team

Soraya Medina

Owner & Founder

Daniel Medina

Chief Operations Officer


“Excellent power bites and granola, super healthy, and the taste is unbelievable.”

Garth J

“Hands down best tasting granola I've ever had, you can smell the freshness!!! ”

Shane H