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Frequently Asked Questions

How many days in advance do I need to place a big order?
- For big orders please let us know 2-3 days in advance, small orders 1 day in advance. We bake to order so you can get it fresh.

Can I mix the flavors of my cupcakes? 
- You can only pick two flavors when you’re ordering a dozen or more.

Can you add a special design on each cupcake for a party theme? 
- We do not make special designs and we will not change the original design or garnish of each cupcake.  However, we can coordinate colored cupcake liners to match color schemes. 

Are all your ingredients organic? 
- Yes, with the exception of ingredients that are not organic; e.g., baking soda and baking powder.

Do you make vegan pastries? 
- Yes, our Granola & Power Bites are vegan. We are consistently adding new items to our menu.

Do you make gluten free pastries? 
- Yes, our Black Bean Brownie, Granola & Power Bites are Gluten Free. We are consistently adding new items to our menu.

Are there any pastries without nuts? 
- We have some items that do not contain nuts and some that do, but they are both made in a facility that processes nuts. 

Do you make sugar free pastries? 
- No, but we use organic evaporated cane juice sugar which is not processed sugar and much healthier for you.

Should I refrigerate my cookies, cupcakes, pies or tarts? 
- We assure you that our pastries are that good that they will not last long after we hand them to you! However, if you plan on storing them overnight, tightly wrap them in plastic wrap or sealed box. They usually last about a week-week 1/2. 
Cookies can be stored at room temperature sealed or in their box. Cupcakes with dairy frosting should be refrigerated, after taking them out you can leave them out until room temperature to have the same yummy taste. Same goes for pies and tarts. Our Black Bean Brownie freezes well for later consumption, you may put it in a freezer zip-lock bag.